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About Info Tech

Founded in 1977 by two University of Florida professors to provide statistical and econometric consulting support, Info Tech has grown into two distinct businesses: Info Tech Consulting and Info Tech Systems. Info Tech Systems develops e-Construction software solutions to facilitate infrastructure construction, while Info Tech Consulting provides expert statistical and economic analysis across multiple industries. Both of Info Tech’s unique businesses are united by a company-wide commitment to innovation, culture, and employee support.

Headquartered in the growing Celebration Pointe district, Info Tech’s facility plays host to nearly 300 thinkers, creators, planners and doers. Our employees are encouraged to pursue new ideas and given leadership support to see those ideas grow into new products or processes. We believe the recent college graduate and the seasoned veteran should both have a platform to bring their ideas to the table. It’s that philosophy that’s kept us growing for over 40 years and will keep us moving forward as we continue to realize our full potential.

  • Our Mission

    Know our customers' business, anticipate their needs, apply information technology to solve their business problems and create ongoing customer relationships.

  • Our Vision

    Be the most trusted, respected, and sought after provider of products and services in the areas we choose to pursue.

  • Our Values

    Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Service, Trust

Our Difference

  • Info Tech has been a thriving enterprise since 1977 – before many of our employees were even born.
  • Our statistical and econometric consulting services are nationally renowned. Our CEO has authored statistics text books that are used by many colleges and universities in the country.
  • Our long standing position of providing software and services to more than 40 state transportation agencies in the U.S. and Canada is an asset we value and foster each day. We have decades of experience in bringing technology to public agencies.
  • Our dedicated incubator team ensures that Info Tech remains a technology leader.
  • Info Tech is continuously innovating, with a focus around our core competencies.
  • Info Tech has experienced decades of paced and controlled growth. As such, the company has weathered economic downturns and negative events that have proven fatal to similar firms.
  • We are a diverse workforce, providing opportunities for each team member to achieve his/her highest potential.
  • Info Tech is proud to cultivate an environment wherein employees feel valued. Celebrating an employee's 20th or 25th anniversary with the company is a regular occurrence.

Guiding Principles

  • Be open and transparent

    Maintain an open flow of information throughout the company unless dealing with truly confidential information, e.g. personal info or highly sensitive business info.

  • Build customer relationships for the long term

    Always act in the best interest of customers and work to maximize the value they receive from the relationship.

  • Take a long-term perspective

    In order to build a lasting company, the mission, vision, and goals must be a core part of the planning process.

  • Trust employees to do the right thing

    Treat employees with respect and earn their trust. The corporate culture should establish the appropriate norms for employee behavior.

  • Get team input and buy-in on key decisions

    Decision-making should be a team rather than individual process and consensus-driven to the greatest extent possible.

  • Make a fair and reasonable profit

    Being profitable is a requirement to stay in business and a by product of creating value for customers. It is not the principal reason to be in business.


Info Tech was founded in the 1970s by two university professors, Dr. James T. McClave and Dr. Thomas P. Rothrock. Initially, the company focused on statistical and economic consulting services for the Florida Attorney General, developing the first computerized methods for detecting collusive behavior in sealed bid markets. As a consequence of this engagement, Info Tech became the pioneer in computerized techniques for detecting fraudulent business behavior in various industries.

Over the years, Info Tech has established a broad reputation for scientifically sound, unbiased and accurate analyses, which has resulted in rapid expansion of the range of services offered by Info Tech and growth in its client base. In the early 1980s, Info Tech established the software development division in response to client requests for specialized software for complex functions.

Today, the privately-held company is experiencing great success and looks forward to future growth in network services and software development, with the statistical consulting team confirming their place among the top statistical analysis groups in the world.

Below is a more detailed look at the major events that have shaped this company over the years.

1977 - 1981

Info Tech was launched in Dr. McClave’s home. He opened the doors to do some consulting during the summers while teaching at the University of Florida. The idea was to use statistical analysis to assist in the pursuit of justice. A small team was assembled to write textbooks and provide litigation support. Info Tech soon moved in to the Davis Monk building in northwest Gainesville and got its first logo. Dr. Rothrock joined the company to work with Dr. McClave on computerized bid monitoring, and the Florida highway investigation was launched.

1982 - 1986

The company moved to its current home, the Florida Farm Bureau building in southwest Gainesville. AASHTO purchased Info Tech’s BAMS (Bid Analysis and Monitoring System) software, which was a series of mainframe applications, and made it the standard collusion detection module for state transportation agencies. Info Tech got involved in a landmark case about price fixing in school milk and assisted in the recovery of $33 million in state tax dollars. The result of the Florida highway investigation – a recovery of $29 million – set a record for a bid rigging case in the state of Florida.

1987 - 1991

As the company’s focus narrowed to highway construction software, Info Tech produced the first generic release of the BAMS software for AASHTO. The company’s first local area network was set up. Another big case involving price-fixing involving infant formula resulted in recoveries of nearly $1 billion.

1992 - 1996

AASHTO renamed the BAMS software and released a new series of logos for the products: AASHTO Trns•port® (now AASHTOWare Project™) software was born. Info Tech hit a milestone in human resources – the company now had 50 employees. Info Tech entered into an agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation to develop a new application called FieldManager. To expand into new markets, Appia, an application suite for local agencies and the European market was conceived as an Info Tech-owned product line. Email arrived at Info Tech, first internally for two years and then externally.

1997 - 2001

A major effort was undertaken to re-write the AASHTOWare Project™ software (then AASHTO Trns•port® software) in the client/server environment. Info Tech established an Atlanta office to continue the development of the SiteManager software (now the AASHTOWare Project SiteManager™ software) that had been initiated by another vendor. Info Tech launched the Bid Express Internet bidding service. The Consulting Division participated in a high-profile case involving an Anheuser-Busch beverage distributorship. Another milestone in terms of human resources: the Info Tech family had grown to include more than 100 employees.

2002 - 2006

Info Tech began the process of writing the Appia construction administration system as a web application and established and began serving select customers with specialized IT services. The company’s first international client, the Philippines, was signed. The Bid Express service experienced tremendous growth.

2007 - 2011

Info Tech celebrated 30 years in business with a company–wide celebration. The Bid Express service expanded to serve more than 50 agencies. Growth in the use of the Appia service was exponential, and significant investment was made to enhance the application. A web re–write of the AASHTOWare Project™ (formerly AASHTO Trns•port®) software was launched and applications for initial functional areas were developed. Info Tech’s Consulting Division Consulting Division provided econometric services for many high-profile antitrust cases. In 2009 and 2010, Info Tech was named one of Florida’s Best Companies to work for by Florida Trend magazine. The company was also named 2009 Alachua County Business of the Year by the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. Info Tech made efforts to expand both industry and academic alliances.

2012 - present

Info Tech launched the Doc Express service for the secure exchange of construction documents online, and the Mobile Inspector app to facilitate data collection by field inspectors. The Bid Express service at www.bidx.com was upgraded to update its architecture and expand available features. A second Bid Express service was launched at www.bidexpress.com to serve additional markets; early customers included agencies in facilities construction, departments of administration, cities, counties and school boards. Info Tech launched a new corporate logo and a series of product logos that created a visual connection among the products. Info Tech’s contract with AASHTO was expanded to develop re–write software for additional functional areas in the AASHTOWare Project™ software. Info Tech celebrated 35 years in business with a week of service where employees donated up to eight hours of company time to the charity of their choice. In 2014, Info Tech announced plans to build a new headquarters building in the Celebration Pointe development in southwest Gainesville. In 2015, Info Tech was named Overall Large Business of the Year by the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Corporate Alliances

Info Tech creates and maintains key business relationships with select organizations with the goal of improving our products and services to increase efficiency and satisfaction for our customers.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

Info Tech, Inc. is a contractor for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO) AASHTOWare Project™ software. Created for state transportation agencies, AASHTOWare Project™ software is an information system for managing transportation programs, beginning with planning and estimation, and carrying through the development of bidding documents, letting and contract award, and management of construction operations. The AASHTOWare Project™ software system also provides a robust database of historical information for business analysis and ad hoc reporting. The relationship between Info Tech and AASHTO began in the mid-1980s when AASHTO purchased the rights to Info Tech’s BAMS software for its member agencies to provide computerized bid analysis monitoring and decision support. Since then, Info Tech has served continuously as AASHTO’s contractor for the maintenance, support, and enhancement of the AASHTOWare Project™ software system.

Autodesk, Inc.

Info Tech and Autodesk, Inc. have a history of collaboration with a goal of providing a stronger foundation for planning and designing road and highway infrastructure.

Bentley Systems, Inc.

Info Tech has teamed with Bentley Systems, Inc., a provider of engineering and design software, to offer new levels of integration between products to provide a more seamless construction management solution to the heavy highway construction industry, including highway agencies, consultants and contractors. Users of select Bentley Systems applications can access the Quantity Manager interface to automate the transfer of item and quantity data to facilitate the cost estimation process. This is a valuable and convenient service to users.

CMD Group

Info Tech and CMD Group have established a data distribution alliance. The alliance provides up-to-date information for critical infrastructure projects, helping agencies ensure that they are reaching as many prospective bidders as possible for projects. CMD Group subscribers receive project information, plans and specifications from select state transportation agencies through the Bid Express Internet bidding service by Info Tech. Info Tech electronically provides real-time data to CMD Group for inclusion in CMD Group’s subscription services.


The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC®) has existed since 1975 to develop and update fair and objective standard documents that represent the latest and best thinking in contractual relations between all parties involved in engineering design and construction projects. EJCDC is a joint venture of three major organizations of professional engineers and includes the participation of more than 15 other professional engineering design, construction, owner, legal, and risk management organizations. The documents published by EJCDC can be exchanged and signed digitally with the Doc Express paperless contracting service from Info Tech.

Enfoglobe, Inc.

Enfoglobe, Inc. is a value-added reseller for Info Tech’s Appia service. Enfoglobe has exclusive rights to promote the sale and distribution of the Appia service in all European Union member countries and Russia.

SuretyWave, LLC

Companies using the Bid Express Internet bidding service by Info Tech, Inc. can electronically verify a bid bond via the SurePath Network from SuretyWave, LLC. The Bid Express service accepts the bond verification code and transmits the code as part of the bid submitted to the owner-agency. This interface eliminates the need for a paper bond during the bidding process.

Michigan Department of Transportation

Info Tech and the Michigan Department of Transportation jointly developed the FieldManager suite of products for construction management. The suite includes the FieldManager and FieldBook applications.

R.S. Knapp/Napco

Companies using the Bid Express Internet bidding service by Info Tech, Inc. can access project plan sheets online using the Bid Express Online Plan Sheets service. Users can select plan sets for printing online and transmit their printing orders directly to R.S. Knapp/Napco to have printed plan sheets shipped overnight to anywhere in the U.S.

S2000, Inc.

Companies using the Bid Express Internet bidding service by Info Tech, Inc. can electronically verify a bid bond via the Surety 2000 Insurance Document Manager. The Bid Express service accepts the bond verification code and transmits the code as part of the bid submitted to the owner-agency. This interface eliminates the need for a paper bond during the bidding process.

Triangle Blueprint Company

Companies using the Bid Express Internet bidding service can access project plan sheets online using the Bid Express Online Plan Sheets service. Users can select plan sets for printing online and transmit their printing orders directly to Triangle Art to have printed plan sheets shipped overnight to anywhere in the U.S. by the Triangle Blueprint Company.

University of Florida

Info Tech shares its headquarters city with the University of Florida, one of the largest public institutions of higher education in the United States. While the company’s founders and employees have numerous connections to the University, Info Tech formally participates in two University initiatives: Info Tech has participated multiple times in the GatorNest program. GatorNest is an experiential learning program run by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UF’s Warrington College of Business Administration. The program teaches entrepreneurship and innovation skills by working through real problems of real companies, while teaching team dynamics, team management and goal setting in an unscripted environment. Via the College of Engineering, Info Tech participates in the Integrated Product and Process Design program. Students in the program work in small multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of faculty coaches and industrial liaison engineers to design and build authentic industrial products for sponsoring companies. Info Tech also regularly participates in UF sponsored recruiting events and has provided internship opportunities for students studying business administration and software engineering.