Appia Construction

  • What it is:

    A web application for construction administration and inspection for capital improvement and infrastructure projects.

  • What it does:

    Effectively manages daily reporting, funding, items, change orders and payments with an intuitive interface and multiple role types for controlled, real-time collaboration.

  • Why it's better:

    Users get up and running in days, not months with this cost-effective, e-construction web application.

When you administer projects in the Appia service, you improve speed and accuracy across your program. The Appia service is mobile device accessible and performs the full construction administration and inspection functionality, including:

  • Inspector daily reporting
  • Change order management
  • Real–time project access anytime, anywhere with source data entry
  • A thorough and complete audit trail
  • Material tracking, including certifications
  • Estimate creation with material insufficiencies
  • Multiple fund source administration
  • Built–in and custom reporting, including Item History to Date
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Optional: Offline field data collection on a tablet or smartphone with the Info Tech Mobile Inspector app; Bid management module, plus Internet bidding via the Bid Express service

Case Studies

Hancock County uses Appia to power their daily reporting process

As the County Engineer in Hancock County, Douglas Cade faced a number of challenges - from a staff spread too thin to a lack of quick access to vital project data. Read more...

PRIME A/E standardizes field data process and tracks pay items quickly on Facebook's new data center

Facebook builds a 970,000-square-foot Data Center in the City of New Albany that transforms the phased expansion of an Ohio International Business Park. The 325-acre project site has a unique design with energy and water efficient infrastructure that is critical to power the 100 percent renewable energy plan. Read more...

Innovative use of a web-based, mobile service keeps Montgomery County road construction moving swiftly

The engineer's office in Montgomery County, Ohio wanted to administer road construction projects in real time with a system that is mobile accessible and simple. With an annual budget of $16 million for 320 miles of roadway, big projects with multiple funding sources are the norm. Read more...

Mobile devices in the field score big: Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. and the Appia service

Leveraging mobile devices in the field was a focus area when consulting firm Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) took on the Wolf River Boulevard project in southwestern Tennessee. The project involved roadway, bridges, culverts and more, plus Wolf River Boulevard is enrolled in Audubon International's Silver Signature Sanctuary green certification program. Read more...


Satisfied Clients

A2H, Inc.
C and S
City of Gainesville
City of Hampton
McClure Engineering Company
NXL Construction Services, Inc.
Raba Kistner
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.
USI Consultants, Inc.

What customers are saying...

The Appia service allows us to be more efficient because we are able to keep inspectors in the field more , and provide the client with up to date information that they can access at their convenience.

- Chris Sweat, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

The Appia team has provided the best customer service I have ever experienced,they are very personable and you can tell that your concerns are important to them. There has never been a time when I have called or sent an email for support and not received a resolution instantly or in a timely fashion.

- Nick Taylor, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

As a manager during the construction season, I am seldom at my desk. Having the ability to access my projects from anywhere allows continued seamless management of the project.

- Gregory J. Fehrman, C&S Engineers,

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