Appia Pre-Construction Savings Calculator

The Appia construction administration system provides agencies with many additional benefits like better long-range planning based on bid history data, more bidders on projects, more accurate engineer's estimates and easier legislative and regulatory compliance.

To determine what your money savings could be by implementing the Appia system for preconstruction functions, please enter the following:

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Number of bids per project *
Engineers estimate creation * hours
Addenda creation and distribution * hours
Bid data entry * hours
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Follow-up time on contractor bids * hours
Post bidding results and analytical tools * hours
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Your TOTAL savings for PRECONSTRUCTION using the Appia construction administration system:


Here's the breakdown of annual savings by function*:

Engineer's estimate creation: $

Addendum creation and distribution: $

Bid data entry: $

Error correction, follow-up time on contractor bids: $

Post bidding results and analytical tools: $

Generation of Reports: $

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