Bid Express®: Secure Internet Bidding

  • What it is:

    Sealed, secure Internet bidding and solicitation management service for construction, commodities and general procurement.

  • What it does:

    Allows contractors to submit paperless bids from any computer, verify bid bonds and get real-time bid results remotely.

  • Why it's better:

    The most trusted, reliable bidding service today. Used by more than 8,000 bidders and 100 agencies in the US and Canada. More than 16 years of Internet bidding.

Sealed, secure bidding achieved online – that’s the Bid Express service. Internet bidding frees you from the exhausting paper piles while delivering the security required for a mission–critical process.

Info Tech has been providing Internet bidding services since 1999 – ages longer than any competitor – and has never lost a single bid. The service has delivered more than 400,000 bids worth more than $1 Trillion.

Owner-agencies can:

  • Receive sealed, secure digitally signed bids
  • Instantly communicate with their bidding communities
  • Offer plan sheets and bid documents online


Bidders/vendors can:

  • Submit sealed, secure digitally signed bids
  • Eliminate bidding paperwork and travel
  • Be alerted to bid errors and omissions

Resources &

Info Tech, Inc. offers two sites to access the Bid Express service.

Those seeking information on our service primarily designed for local agencies, educational institutions, state facilities construction, healthcare, and commercial construction should visit seeking information on our service for bidding with the AASHTOWare Project software should visit

What customers are saying...

When Louisiana DOT started using Bid Express, it was like going from a horse and buggy to a rocket ship - without any intermediate steps.

- Reginald Jeter, FJ Burnell, Inc.

Producing immediate bid results, having unlimited access to information, and getting on the spot notification are some of the major benefits of the service.

- RoShunda Ward, Administrative Specialist II, East Baton Rouge Parish

On-line bidding allows the estimating staff more time in those critical last minutes of the bid process to focus on cost savings rather than getting a bid on the road to the submission site.

- Pete Kelley, Superior Construction

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