1. Imagining Info Tech’s Project Management Community Of Practice

    by Russ Barron, PMP and Chris Coates, PMP

    Organizing those who organize can be a challenge, but it is one we are tackling head on as we assemble the Project Management Community of Practice (PMCoP) at Info Tech. We are leading a small group of PMs to launch a company-wide program to have a big impact on the 40+ Info Tech team members who manage projects.

    In its 37-year history, Info Tech has had a couple of iterations of organized project management groups, but none have fit our corporate needs and culture – primarily by being too structured and formal, and by failing to recognize the different team and project styles at Info Tech. We are leveraging these experiences to hone in on this new group. Our goals are clear: provide expertise, guidance, and assistance to project managers, scrum masters, resource managers, and project teams in order to support and facilitate project success, thereby achieving our key business objectives - revenue growth, time to market, cost containment, customer satisfaction, productivity, and quality.

    When we are successful, there will be regular lunch and learn presentations at Info Tech, shared repositories of PM resources, published best practice articles, and more. Additionally we all share a common goal to start a chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Gainesville. As the local market grows, particularly in the tech sector, it seems logical for Gainesville PMs to receive PMI support without having to travel to Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa.

    Info Tech’s many teams and product lines dictate that we have many different PM philosophies in place throughout the company. In essence, these are people who do the same things differently. We see this as a strength for the organization, where we can learn from other teams, hear best practices and adopt them when and where needed. We plan to run our PMCoP as though it were its own PMI chapter serving the various teams at Info Tech.

    We would be grateful to hear how other companies accomplish interconnecting their PMs.