Areas of Service

Areas of Service

Expert Statistical & Econometric Consulting

Info Tech’s Consulting Division provides consulting services and expert testimony in the areas of statistics, econometrics, finance, economics, and epidemiology. This unique team of professionals is nationally known for its work and is unmatched in its expert ability to apply scientific methods, and to report the results clearly and professionally. Simple graphical depiction and concise explanation of complex concepts make our work invaluable to clients. The diverse customer base for the Consulting Division is a testament to the success of this team.

Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support

Info Tech specializes in scientific research and analysis for both plaintiff and defense counsel. Our large, diverse professional staff has decades of experience in presenting statistical and econometric expert witness testimony in complex litigation in the areas of antitrust, employment discrimination, environmental analysis, business valuation, intellectual property, patent and trademark infringement, and health care fraud.
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We have experience in developing methodologies for analyzing various antitrust claims, in industries ranging from dairy processors to highway construction. The team of consultants has been involved in the analysis of numerous price-fixing conspiracies and sealed-bid market dynamics, including fraud. We have assisted clients in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and awards.
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Employment/Labor Discrimination

Info Tech has in-house expertise in undertaking statistical and econometric analyses to support both the liability and damage phases of cases involving allegations of discrimination in hiring, promotion, and termination.
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Biostatistics/Epidemiology/Environmental Analysis

Risk assessment, epidemiological analysis to evaluate causation, environmental impact assessments, and air/water quality modeling are at the heart of Info Tech’s biostatistical experience and expertise. Our work in product liability cases, establishing EPA pollution standards, and developing sound statistical methods for environmental monitoring has proved invaluable to our clients.
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Business Valuation and Economic Damages

The extensive econometric and statistical experience of our analysts enables the team to undertake research and analysis of economic damages due to breach of contract, patent and trademark infringement, tortuous interference, wrongful termination, theft of intellectual property, and other illegal trade practices. Info Tech has performed full or partial valuations of businesses ranging from family-owned enterprises to publicly traded companies.
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Health Care Fraud

Info Tech has been involved for decades with the US Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Offices to conduct medical claims sampling and to estimate damages due to Medicare and Medicaid fraud. We have developed data warehousing and statistical techniques to assist agencies responsible for public health care expenditures and enable them to anticipate and react to new legislation, as well as to detect and measure fraud and abuse by health care providers.
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Data Retrieval and Management

Info Tech has used advanced computer programming techniques to retrieve and manage data from state and federal agencies, small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations. The confidentiality of all data provided to us is protected by our high-level security procedures. If clients do not have access to the appropriate data, our research staff has the experience necessary to identify the type of information most suitable for the client and to acquire data from publicly accessible sources.

We appreciate your…assistance and could not have settled the case without your expertise and guidance. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again some time soon!

Client for Health Care Fraud Case,
September 2008