• What it is:

    A paperless contracting system that creates a secure, digital filing cabinet for the documents exchanged during a construction project and allows for digital and electronic signatures.

  • What it does:

    Allows users to access, exchange and digitally sign electronic contract documents (material certs, test results and more) with project stakeholders and business partners. Provides a project archive.

  • Why it's better:

    Provides for paperless contracting with no VPN or FTP and a low total cost of ownership. Priced per contract. A part of your e-Construction program.

The Doc Express service enables paperless contracting and can be a key part of your e-Construction program.

The Doc Express service is a paperless contracting service that provides a secure digital filing cabinet and document exchange service specifically created to meet the needs of the construction industry. It allows for digital and electronic signatures for additional efficiency.

With the Doc Express service, you can easily access, exchange and sign electronic contract documents with project stakeholders and business partners. You can also exchange material certifications, test results and more in real time from any computer without the hassle of an FTP site. The service allows you to store documents for the life of a project and beyond, and maintain an online audit trail.


The Doc Express service offers:

  • Hosted, web-based service - no VPN or FTP required
  • Easy to implement, intuitive to use
  • Configurable document workflow
  • Mobile accessible ‐ tablets and smartphones
  • Email notification of document status
  • Digital and electronic signatures
  • Daily back-ups with 99% uptime
  • Filtering/sorting for all docs
  • Built-in security with read-only access for stakeholders
  • Storage for up to 5 years after notice to proceed

It makes your job easier with:

  • Paperless contracting
  • The ability to choose digital or electronic signatures as needed
  • Real-time access to documents by all stakeholders
  • Letting you get there fast - identify ‘favorites’ and go right to them
  • Standardized processes/location for docs
  • Reduced delays with payments when finalizing a project and at audit time
  • Easy accountability ‐ just view the activity log
  • Improved client and project stakeholder responsiveness
  • Allowing you to always know the status of document and if it was submitted
  • A low total cost of ownership

What customers are saying...

The Doc Express service allows our construction submittal process to be transparent to all users, including the contractors and external stakeholders, making the process as efficient as possible. As a webbased service, there is no software to own, no updates to handle internally and no support required from our Information Technology staff. It also has an intuitive interface that minimizes training.”.

- Chris Williams, Regional Construction Engineer, Vermont Agency of Transportation

Transparency and accountability of the submittals has been a huge benefit to Iowa and our contractors through this web-based application. Folks that need to see the status of submittals can see if they have been submitted, when they were submitted and who submitted the document. You can also see who has received a submittal, and if something is rejected, there is space to document why.

- Greg Mulder, Director, Construction & Materials, Iowa Department of Transportation

Doc Express is designed effectively to allow users to sort, access,and take action on the documents efficiently. It also eliminates the "firewall" issues associated with having external parties have access to DOT servers.

- Contractor user

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