• What it is:

    An app for field interview data collection available for download for most mobile devices that assists with more accurate and efficient contract compliance monitoring and reporting and that facilitates your e-Construction initiatives.

  • What it does:

    It provides a simple way for civil rights and/or field personnel to conduct field interviews and capture the interview data needed for contract compliance monitoring and reporting.

  • Why it's better:

    It's a focused, intuitive tool that requires no training and can be implemented quickly. It's the only app that works with the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™ software.


Whether working on- or off-line, give your civil rights and/or field personnel the flexibility they want with the Field Interviewer™ app. It is a simple tool that allows data to be collected directly in the field, including summary findings, employees interviewed, and wage rates paid and job classifications worked for each employee, all with just a few clicks. Whether the interviewer uses a tablet or a smartphone, the Field Interviewer app is a convenient way to get the data you need. The data is transferred via a two-way SYNC service for AASHTOWare Project™ software either at the time of entry or during the next period of connectivity.

The Field Interviewer app is easy to learn and it is available as a free download. Select the button below based on your needs:

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