• What it is:

    A client/server construction management system used by state and local transportation agencies.

  • What it does:

    Manages and tracks construction projects, documenting progress, initiating contractor payments and communicating with an agency’s central office.

  • Why it's better:

    Improves efficiency for agencies at all levels. Michigan Department of Transportation estimates that the software saves the agency $28.5 million annually.

The FieldManager software is an award-winning, comprehensive electronic construction management system for managing and tracking construction projects, documenting progress, initiating contractor payments and communicating with an agency’s central office contract administration system.

FieldManager software is a Microsoft® Certified solution designed for use by state transportation agencies, local governments, engineering consultants and large contractors.

As the main component, the FieldManager software holds and maintains data for all aspects of your contracts. Create pay estimates, change orders, Inspectors' Daily Reports, and accurately track material usage with ease, while utilizing the data for bid item management. It integrates with existing financial systems for contractor payments and long-range planning systems.

Companion products


FieldManager Read-Only software allows anyone involved in the construction cycle, from executives to contractors, access to project data for reference and review.

FieldManager Contractor software includes all of the functionality of the FieldManager Read-only application, and adds the ability to create discrepancy reports, establish subcontracts and calculate subcontractor payment reports, import Expedite Bid (.ebs) files, and compute the contractor's daily profit.

FieldBook software is the inspector’s component for field data collection. It operates on a laptop in the field, in a truck, or in the remote project office.

The FieldBuilder data entry interface allows agencies to initialize contract data and therefore use FieldManager software in a stand-alone environment.

The FieldNet system is the communications link between FieldManager and FieldBook software, or between FieldManager software and other contractor payment software.

Inspectors can use the Info Tech Mobile Inspector app for field data collection with the FieldManager software.

Eight state agencies and hundreds of local governments, consultants and contractors are currently using the FieldManager application as their construction management system.


Case Studies

  • Saving two days a week and tens of thousands of dollars

    Barrett Paving Materials has direct access to the data tracked by the agencies and primes, “making sure we get paid our money.” By identifying problems (i.e. quantity discrepancies, missing certifications) early, issue resolution is quicker and doesn't delay job closeout. Barrett estimates that the software saves them two days per week and tens of thousands of dollars per year. Read more...

  • Consulting firm uses the FieldManager software to get ahead

    The time it took USI to generate contractor pay estimates went down from the original two to four hours, to about 30 minutes. Compiling final records went from two weeks per contract to about two days. USI also experienced more complete and more accurate reporting. USI now has a reputation with contractors and clients of having fast and accurate turnaround. Read more...

  • Local agency replaces outdated, paper-based systems

    After implementing the FieldManager construction management software, Clark County now experiences simple estimation, instant data retrieval, clear inspector’s daily reports, easy progress estimate payments, and an overall improvement in the professionalism and accuracy of documents. Plus, an increase in efficiency is evident. Read more...

  • Airport construction goes paperless in Michigan after implementing

    Error-checking features save ‘endless’ hours in data processing. The FieldManager software integrated easily with existing systems and business processes. Long processing times for pay estimates were eliminated allowing payments to be disbursed to contractors sooner. Read more...

  • Contractor ensures timely payments

    P.K. Contracting can now see the actual data recorded at the site by the DOT and primes. They spend more time accomplishing work and less time hunting down information. Shared data also contributes to an increased level of trust among the DOT, primes and subs. PK resolves errors daily instead of waiting for (and delaying) project close-out. Read more...


What customers are saying...

The savings in time [using FieldManager Read-Only] amounts to two days a week - minimum - saved between the project administrator and construction administrator. Cost savings in a year's time over many projects is in the tens of thousands of dollars, in my opinion.

- Ken Terveen, Barrett Paving Materials

Use of electronic data transfer from the field to the office makes our work much more efficient, especially when projects are a long distance from the office. FieldManager provides a good method of checks and balances to avoid errors.

- Bob Leisenring, Mead & Hunt

With FieldManager, we can manage more contracts for more clients per person in the field, and still maintain competitive fees. A single project manager can mange multiple contracts, and FieldManager is also adaptable to individual clients' payment processes.

- Scott Dick, USI, Inc.


The FieldManager products are jointly owned by Info Tech, Inc. and the State of Michigan through the Michigan Department of Transportation.

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