www.bidexpress.com Digital ID Policy

Info Tech® i Digital ID™ iis for use with the Bid Express® iii service at www.bidexpress.com are specific to the individual Holder, and not to the agency or agencies to which the Holder intends to bid. The same Digital ID may be used to bid on any solicitation posted by any agency on the Bid Express service at www.bidexpress.com.

1. Info Tech Digital ID Subscriber Policy

By accepting and using an Info Tech Digital ID, you, as a Subscriber or Holder, represent to Info Tech and to parties relying on your use of the Digital ID with Info Tech products and services that you will:

  • Not compromise the integrity or security of the Digital ID; for instance: sharing passwords, storing backup copies of keys insecurely, or permitting use of the Digital ID by anyone other than yourself.
  • Provide accurate and complete information when communicating with Info Tech.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the information associated with the Digital ID before using the Digital ID.
  • Promptly cease using the Digital ID and notify Info Tech if (i) any information that was submitted to Info Tech or is included in a Digital ID changes or becomes misleading; or (ii) there is any actual or suspected misuse or compromise of the Private Key associated with the Digital ID.
  • Use the Digital ID only for authorized and legal purposes, consistent with the Digital ID purpose, these policies, and any other associated policies and agreements.
  • Promptly cease using the Digital ID and related private key after Digital ID expiration, if any applies.

2. Application and Activation Policies

No Digital ID shall be approved and/or activated except upon completion of any necessary internal and/or external review required by policy. Manual review and activation procedures by Info Tech shall be performed during normal business hours only. Review by external parties, if necessary or required, is not guaranteed in any way by Info Tech. Info Tech makes no guarantees whatsoever on any processing times for Digital ID applications or activation requests.

Info Tech shall not be responsible for any Digital ID applicant's failure to provide complete and correct application information in the specified manner and format, or failure to submit application information to Info Tech prior to the need of the applicant to use the Digital ID for any purpose, including internet bidding, without sufficient time allotted for all internal and external reviews of the application. Info Tech shall not be responsible for any delays or technical difficulties experienced by Holders or Subscribers that are a result of circumstances outside of Info Tech's control.

Info Tech recommends that applicants submit all requests for Digital ID approval and activation not less than seven days in advance of the anticipated need to use the Digital ID. Info Tech recommends that Holders, once the Holder's Digital ID has been activated and approved, test the functionality of the Digital ID well in advance of the need to use the Digital ID, in the event that technical troubleshooting is necessary.

2.1 Application Policies in Detail

An Info Tech Digital ID is required for electronic bid submission via the www.bidexpress.com website. Applications for Digital IDs for bidding via the Bid Express Services at www.bidexpress.com may be initiated by the applicant after the applicant has established a user account for the Bid Express Service. As part of the Digital ID application process, the user must print out a paper form called the Bid Express Digital ID Registration Form. This paper form must be checked for accuracy by the Digital ID applicant and, if all information on the form is correct, the applicant must bring the form to a notary public for signature. The notary public must then complete the notarial certificate at the bottom of the registration form according to the rules of the state which governs the notary public's professional conduct. The original, completed, notarized registration form must then be sent to Info Tech at the address indicated on the form. The original form may be sent via either overnight courier or regular U.S. mail, but overnight service is recommended if the applicant intends to bid on any proposals within the next calendar month. Info Tech shall not be responsible for registration paperwork that has not been delivered to Info Tech allowing for sufficient time to process the registration.

Address for Bid Express Digital ID Registration Form Delivery:

Bid Express Digital ID
c/o Info Tech
2970 SW 50th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32608

2.2 Processing, Approval, and Activation

Digital ID applications are processed manually by Info Tech personnel, and, in general, are done so in the order they are received. Depending on volume, processing time may exceed two business days. Please plan accordingly. If a registration form is complete and correctly notarized according to the laws, rules and regulations of the notary public's state, Info Tech shall approve the Digital ID for use and activate the Digital ID. The applicant shall be notified via email of the approval and activation. Once activated, the Digital ID may be used to bid electronically via the Bid Express Service at www.bidexpress.com. Registrations that are received for processing but are not complete, correct, or properly notarized will be rejected. Applicants will be notified of the rejection via an automated email which will explain what steps must be taken to correct the deficiencies in the registration form.

Note: in every circumstance where an application is rejected, a new registration form must be printed, completed, notarized, and sent by mail to Info Tech for processing.

3. Replacement Policy

For security reasons, Info Tech does not retain backups of Holder Digital ID private keys or passwords. If a Digital ID is lost or corrupted, or if the user-selected password is lost, Info Tech is not able to issue new Digital ID keys, and is not able to reset a Holder's Digital ID password. In these cases, the Holder must contact Customer Support to obtain a "replacement" Digital ID.

The process of reviewing, processing, and activating a replacement Digital ID is to a large degree identical to as the processes for reviewing, processing, and activating a new Digital ID. The circumstances causing the need to obtain a replacement Digital ID may require immediate and urgent action; however, all limitations on liability identified in the above Application and Activation Policy apply to the replacement Digital ID process. Holders are advised to contact Customer Support as soon as possible for assistance with the replacement Digital ID application and approval process to permit as much time as possible for processing, verification, and approval. Replacement Digital IDs are not functional until they have been reviewed, processed and approved by Info Tech.

4. Deactivation Policies

Info Tech may deactivate any Digital ID at any time and without notice to the Holder if Info Tech determines, in its sole discretion, that the Digital ID has been compromised; has been used or will be used for fraudulent, deceitful, or otherwise unlawful purposes; or may harm, compromise, or otherwise interfere with the operation of Info Tech systems or services, or the systems or services of an Info Tech business partner, or any other entity. Info Tech may or may not notify the Holder of the deactivation via email, telephone, or other means. Info Tech shall bear no responsibility to any party resulting from the deactivation of a Digital ID, including circumstances which prevent a Holder from bidding electronically, if Info Tech has deactivated the Digital ID in good faith and for any of the reasons listed in this paragraph.

4.1 Deactivation by Holder

Should a Holder wish to deactivate his or her Info Tech Digital ID, he or she can contact Customer Support during normal business hours for specific assistance regarding any request to deactivate a Digital ID for use directly on the www.bidexpress.com website.

5. Definitions

Activated (Digital ID): an activated Digital ID is a Digital ID that has been approved for use after the application, verification, and approval process (or the registration, processing, and approval process). A Digital ID cannot be used in any way until it has been activated by Info Tech.

Agency: for the purposes of this policy, an agency is any party that accepts bids electronically via the Bid Express Service(s) or that manages contracts via the Doc Express Service (not as a vendor or contractor).

Applicant: an applicant is someone that has applied for or registered a Digital ID that has not yet been activated.

Approved (Digital ID): an approved Digital ID is a Digital ID that meets all application or registration requirements and has been processed or verified by Info Tech, but has not yet been activated.

Bid Express Service (Info Tech Bid Express Service): web-based service(s), located at www.bidexpress.com, used by agencies to advertise solicitations and to receive bids electronically from vendors.

Deactivate or Deactivated (Digital ID): a deactivated Digital ID is a Digital ID which was formerly activated, but can no longer be used. A Digital ID may be deactivated by request or by policy. Once deactivated, a Digital ID may never be re-activated, and can only be replaced by a new Digital ID.

Digital ID (Info Tech Digital ID): electronic credentials used for encryption, digital signatures, and/or bid submission by users of Info Tech services, such as the Doc Express or Bid Express Services.

Holder (Digital ID): a Digital ID Holder is someone that has been issued an activated Digital ID. a Digital ID Holder may also be referred to as a Subscriber, if the Holder has subscribed to any Info Tech subscription services.

Proposal: for the purposes of this policy, a proposal is any item posted by an agency to the Bid Express Service(s) for which the agency is soliciting responses from vendors. Proposals also include "solicitations," "RFPs," "RFIs," and the like.

Replacement (Digital ID): a replacement Digital ID is a Digital ID that is issued to replace a Digital ID that can no longer be used, whether the Digital ID has been deactivated or becomes lost, corrupted, or compromised.

Subscriber (Digital ID): a Subscriber, for the purposes of this policy, is a Digital ID Holder that has been issued an Info Tech Digital ID for use in conjunction with a Bid Express subscription service or the Info Tech Doc Express Service. A Subscriber is also a Holder for the purposes of this policy, where applicable.

Vendor: for the purposes of this policy, a vendor is a party that has an approved business relationship with an agency. A "bidder" or "contractor" (except a "contractor" acting as an agent of an agency) is a vendor for the purposes of this policy.


iInfo Tech is a registered trademark of Info Tech, Inc.

iiDigital ID is a trademark of Info Tech, Inc.

iiiBid Express is a registered trademark of Info Tech, Inc.