• What it is:

    An app for construction field data collection available for download for most mobile devices that facilitates your e-Construction initiatives.

  • What it does:

    It provides a simple way for a field inspector to collect data needed for daily reporting for any size contract.

  • Why it's better:

    It's a focused, intuitive tool that requires no training and can be implemented quickly. It's the only app that works with the FieldManager software.


Whether working on- or off-line, give your field inspectors the flexibility they want with the Mobile Inspector app. It is a simple tool that lets your inspectors collect the data required for a daily report, including item progress, contractor work force, photos and site conditions, all with just a few clicks. Whether the inspector uses a tablet or a smartphone, the Mobile Inspector app is a convenient way to get the data you need. The data is automatically transferred via a two-way sync service either at the time of entry or during the next period of connectivity.

The Mobile Inspector app is easy to learn and it is available as a free download. Select the button below based on your needs:


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