Info Tech offers a variety of products and services for agencies of all sizes, contractors and consultants.

AASHTOWare Project software

The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials' premier transportation software solution for large transportation agencies.

Appia software

A web-based, construction management solution for cities, counties and other similar agencies.

Bid Express service

The Bid Express electronic bidding community is for both agencies and bidders. It all begins here: bid preparation and advertising, bid file repositories, secure electronic bid submission and bid bond verification, real-time apparent bid results, comprehensive search utilities, online plan sheets and more.

Doc Express service

The Doc Express service allows owner-agencies to manage contract documents electronically. Owner-agencies can exchange electronic contract documents, including material certifications and test results, with all project stakeholders instantly.

Estimator software

Estimator software helps agencies and their consultants deliver precise and consistent estimation data.

Expedite software

A solution for both the bidders and agencies, Expedite software lets bidders glide through bid creation and submission, and helps agencies prepare, receive and process error-free bids.

FieldManager software

The FieldManager suite provides agencies, contractors and consultants with all the tools needed for contract creation and administration.

Mobile Inspector software

An app for highway construction inspectors to collect the data required for a daily report including item progress, contractor work force, photos and site conditions.

All products:

The Appia software allows us to be more efficient because we are able to keep inspectors in the field more, and provide the client with up to date information that they can access at their convenience.

Chris Sweat,
Construction Manager,
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.