Expedite software

What it is:

A series of client/server applications to make paperless bidding a reality for transportation agencies and their contractors.

What it does:

Allows agencies to easily prepare bidding files. Allows highway construction contractors to prepare bids that are ready to be transmitted via the Bid Express service.

Why it’s better:

Provides automatic error checking and overt alerts to omissions so that contractors can prepare virtually error-free bids.

The Expedite software is an electronic bidding system that includes modules for both agencies and their bidding communities. Expedite software is the cornerstone of establishing a paperless bid letting system, allowing agencies to confidently prepare, distribute, receive and process secure, error-free electronic bid files.

Expedite bidding software features include:

Expedite bidding software can also take full advantage of the Internet, supporting a variety of online features like:

If you are a Bid Express service user looking to download Expedite software for bid preparation, please visit the Bid Express website and log in. Select the agency to which you are bidding from the pull down menu and, once you reach that agency's page, select the "utilities" tab to find the download OR download the Expedite Bid software from the "Downloads" box on the right side of the page.

Fact: 39 US state transportation agenices use Expedite software to manage bid lettings.